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About us


To be recognized as being a leader in quality assured development, design and construction services.


Building Smart

“Building Smart” is a goal and commitment made by our team to consistently deliver the very best solutions, answers and results.

Service Excellence

Striving for excellence has enabled us to maintain a successful track record that is proven by client satisfaction and the award of new projects.


We believe in an all-inclusive approach and build projects with a commitment to unsurpassed quality from start to completion.

Experienced Builder

Omera has experience in providing a diversified level of construction services and developed a profound understanding of procedures and strategies for successful project delivery.


Map of Brunei

Omera is the one stop solution to your architectural, engineering and construction needs. We aim to be a leader in the construction industry by providing high quality, well designed building solutions to all our clients. 

Omera sees development as more than just construction. We foster relationships and integrate innovative building solutions while ensuring the feasibility and cost effectiveness of building projects. 

Bruneian At Heart

We are a Bruneian company that prides ourselves on having an understanding on the values that Bruneians hold dear. We know the market and the people well and are tuned to deliver products that are in line with their wants and needs.

Our emphasis on clear communication and follow through procedures ensure that clients’ objectives are the top priority in the planning and execution of all our processes.


Vyron Khoo, Omera Construction Director

Our approach at Omera is not to take on projects that are driven by how much we can earn. We take on projects where the people involved have similar visions, values and sentiments. We strive to be fair and reasonable for all the parties involved. At Omera, we don't make compromises when it comes to delivering the best we can offer.

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