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Bungalows by Omera Construction in Brunei
Modern Kitchen and renovation by Omera Construction in Brunei
Modern kitchen by Omera Construction in Brunei

The Dream Kitchen

Beauty is in its simplicity. In this project we take advantage of the tailor-made frames and cabinets to produce a stunning kitchen.

Dhau Kitchen (4).jpg

The Showpiece Kitchen

Exterior Pavement

Omera offers a professional paving service with finest quality materials to improve the aesthetics and functionality of your property.

Gazebo Extension

We took the task of developing another stunning contemporary Gazebo project. Exhibiting another magnificent exceptional piece.

Open-plan Inspo

Once again Omera has been tasked to craft another gem. Simple, yet worthy to inspire your mind. With open concepts

and minimalism, prepare to be amazed.

All Projects


All Projects

Two Storey House by Omera Construction in Brunei

Defining Timeless Classic

This double-storey stilt house in Lumut blends the best of a traditional and classic design with an interior that is modern, stylish and functional.

Outdoor kitchen and gazebo by Omera Construction in Brunei

Gazebo Centrepiece

This gazebo takes luxury to a whole different level. Perfect for dinner parties, gatherings or just to enjoy the pleasant evening breeze.

Streetprint and streetbond repavement by Omera Construction in Brunei

Driveway Gets Facelift

We used streetbond to convert this compound into a bright and welcoming driveway. Streetbond also protects and extends the life of the pavement.

Modern Bungalows

Omera took on the task of crafting two modern masterpieces. Integrating state-of-the-art and timeless design for both the exterior and interior elements.

Double Storey Detached

This double story detached house located in Kg Sengkurong will feature some of the best design and construction elements available on the market.

Omera was tasked to build a kitchen that would be the showpiece of a modern home. We took up the challenge and delivered a masterpiece for the ages.

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